Graduate Academic Policies

This section of the catalog describes the graduate academic policies of Wheelock College. In addition to the policies described here, there are requirements for students enrolled in various professional academic programs. Questions about academic policies, procedures, or requirements should be directed to an academic advisor, Academic Dean, and/or the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Finally, the academic policies described in this catalog and on the college website may refer to other documents (e.g., handbooks and pamphlets) that explain certain policies, procedures, or requirements more fully and may be obtained from the Academic Records and Registration Office.

Grades and Course Status

Instructors submit final grades to the Registrar by the deadline stated in the academic calendar.
For graduate students, Wheelock College uses a system of letter grades that are equivalent to the following numerical and quality points.

Letter Grade Quality Point Equivalent Grade Descriptor
A 4.00 Superior
A- 3.67 Excellent
B+ 3.33 Very good
B 3.00 Good
B- 2.67 Satisfactory
F 0.00 Failing
P (Pass) 0.00 Not included in grade point average
R 0.00 Satisfactory progress in a continuing course

In addition, the following status may appear in a transcript.

I 0.00 Incomplete
WD 0.00 Withdrawal
AU 0.00 Auditing
NG 0.00 No Grade Given

An Incomplete (I) may be given to a student only for health reasons or in extraordinary circumstances. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor to request an Incomplete. Unless the student has requested an incomplete, the faculty cannot assign an incomplete.

Withdrawal (WD) is recorded by the Office of Academic Records and Registration when a student officially withdraws from a course before the course withdrawal deadline published in the academic calendar. A faculty member cannot submit a request for withdrawal. Only a student can submit that request.

A graduate student who wishes to audit (AU) a course may do so with the approval of the instructor and the appropriate Academic Dean. To audit a course, a student must register for the course at registration or within the Drop/Add period. The tuition fee for auditing a course is two-thirds of the normal course tuition.

Satisfactory in a continuing course (R) is the grade submitted by an instructor to indicate satisfactory progress in a continuing independent study, field study, thesis, or course that has been approved by the instructor and the appropriate Academic Dean as a two-semester study, thesis, or course. At the end of the second semester, a letter grade, Pass (P), or Incomplete (I) will be given. If an “R” is changed to an Incomplete (I), the student must have complied with the Incomplete procedures of the college. Refer to policies for Incompletes in the relevant section of the current Wheelock College Course Catalog. At the end of each semester, any “R” grades from the previous semester that have not been resolved will be reviewed by the Graduate Review Board and letters will be sent to the course instructor, students affected, and department chair.

Pass Fail Option

Each semester, a graduate student may elect a total of 3 credit hours to be taken under the Pass/Fail option. No more than twelve (12) credits towards a student’s degree program may be taken pass/fail, though the restriction does not apply to courses offered only on a Pass/Fail basis, such as practica. For degree program students, only Elective and Selective courses may be taken on a Pass/Fail basis. All program requirements must be completed for letter grades. Please consult with your Academic Advisor or Program Chair if you have questions about whether a course can be taken under this option.

A grade of ‘P’ (Pass) does not affect the student’s cumulative grade point average, but a failing grade of ‘F’ (Fail), whether it is awarded under the letter grade system or the Pass/Fail option, is computed in the cumulative grade point average.

Incomplete Grades

It is the student’s responsibility to request an incomplete (I) by submitting to the instructor a completed “Request for Incomplete Form”. If a student makes such a request for more than one course, he or she must complete and submit a separate form for each course. Forms are available on the MyWheelock portal and at the Office of Academic Records and Registration. The instructor, at his or her sole discretion, may grant the student’s request. The instructor will submit the completed form to the Office of Academic Records and Registration at the same time that he or she submits final grades.

All incomplete work must be submitted by the student to the instructor so that the instructor may submit a change of grade to the Office of Academic Records and Registration before the deadline for submitting changes of incomplete grades as posted on the Academic Calendar. Students who plan to enter a practicum in the semester following the granting of an Incomplete must finish all work prior to beginning the practicum. If a grade has not been submitted by the deadline, the grade of “I” will be administratively changed to a failing grade “F”.

Deadline to Change a Final Grade

A faculty member may change a grade he or she has assigned no later than 12 months after the original grade submission deadline. After this time the students and instructor must petition the appropriate academic review board for an exception to the grade change policy. Once a student’s degree is conferred, the student’s academic statistics are considered final and no grade changes are permitted.

Academic Status (Graduate Students)

Graduate students who are registered for nine (9) or more credit hours in the fall or spring semesters or six (6) total credit hours during the summer semester are considered full-time. Graduate students who enroll for fewer than these numbers of credit hours are considered part-time. A student’s status may change from one semester to the next. Ordinarily, students may register for up to a maximum of fifteen (15) credit hours per semester for the fall and spring semesters, and up to a maximum of nine for a summer semester. However, under some circumstances, to pursue a degree full-time, a student’s academic program may require additional credits to stay on track. Each program has constructed a full-time and part-time track. Consult with the department. Permission to register for additional credit hours must be obtained in advance from the student’s advisor and the appropriate Academic Dean. To remain eligible for most types of financial aid, graduate students must enroll in a minimum of five (5) credit hours each semester.

Declaration of Academic Program

Graduate students intending to complete a certificate or change their program of study should complete the Request to Transfer or Add Program form available on MyWheelock. Students who complete a certificate program but do not declare it will not receive acknowledgement or resulting applicable endorsement (for education certificates) on their record.