Undergraduate & Graduate Course Catalog 2017-2018

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Notice of Change

Wheelock College reserves the right in its sole judgment to make changes of any nature in its programs, calendar, academic schedule, or fees whenever it is deemed necessary or desirable, including changes in course content, the scheduling of classes with or without extending the academic term, cancelling of scheduled classes, and other academic activities and requiring or affording alternatives for scheduled classes. The College catalog and the Wheelock College website (www.wheelock.edu) contain current information regarding the calendar, admissions, degree requirements, fees, regulations and course offerings. The policy of Wheelock College is to give advance notice of change, whenever possible, to permit adjustment. However, Wheelock reserves the right to make changes from this published information when it is deemed advisable.

The Wheelock Catalog is published every one or two years. Copies may be obtained from the Office of Academic Advising and Assistance or the Office of Admissions. Both of these offices can be contacted at:

200 Riverway

Boston, Massachusetts 02215

Telephone: 617.879.2000

Web Site: www.wheelock.edu